From Blastware comes new software to simulate the charge delay times involved in blasting.  A long article on the new software and on the associated technologies of blasting and fragmentation is to be found at this link which is a paper from the September 2008 issue of International Mining. 

Here is an interesting bit of deep technology from the article.

The effects of an explosion (blast) are as follows:

  1. The charge explodes and is split up into high-pressure, high-temperature zones.
  2. The gases are applied to the borehole which contains them and this creates a strain field in the rock.
  3. This strain field, due to its impulsion aspect, creates a strain wave that is propogated in the rock and damages the rock.
  4. This damage is the center of the cracks in the rock.
  5. Gas pressure is reduced via  the cracks thus separating the rock fragments.
  6. The pressure of these gases applied to the face of the fragments, produces forces that propel the fragments.
  7. The fragments adopt a ballistic trajectory.
  8. In areas where where the damage to the rock was not sufficient to create fragments, the strain wave continues its trajectory until it runs out of energy that it dissipates by making the rock vibrate.