SRK has just celebrated thirty years in North America.  The party was held in Vancouver in a glass-fronted room overlooking the mighty mountains---a fitting symbol of a respected and revered consulting company. 

Credit for the success of SRK in North America goes to all the staff of its many offices.  Everyone has contributed to a company that is renowned for client services and the highest quality work.  

I have been privileged to work with and be friends with many of the SRK people.  I could write a book on the fun and fascinating times I have had with them on the many great projects the company has taken to fruition.  Certainly in a short piece like this it is impossible to do them all credit.  But the ongoing high reputation and record of achievement of SRK is great enough credit to them all, past and present. 

Andy Barrett currently manages the SRK North American operations.  He kindly provided me a copy of the speech he made at the party.  It looks back to the first of us who were there pretty much from the begining.  It looks at the current achievements, and it sets the stage for another thirty years of success.  Certainly we all wish them that success that we know they will enjoy.