By Greg Fenrick

According to InfoMine’s EduMine course The Mill Operating Resource - 2: Mineral Recovery, “the purpose of a filter is to separate one substance from another. To do this a filtering system may use a pump, a vacuum, or air to force a fluid or air through a filtering element. In production filtering, the most common application is removing a fluid from a solid by either pumping it, as in the filter presses found in a gold plant, or by using a vacuum.”

The three types of filters include:

  • Belt filters
  • Disc filters
  • Drum filters

The disc filter is used in low volume applications with easy-drying material. Its maintenance is very easy and requires little downtime to accomplish.

Components of a disc filter include:

  • Boot
  • Discharge chute
  • Feed inlet
  • Overflow line
  • Filter sectors
  • Manifold
  • Radial arms
  • Bull gear
  • Bearings
  • Variable speed drive
  • Motor
  • High vacuum
  • Low vacuum

For a good source of information for the detailed operation of a disc filter, I would encourage you to refer to the EduMine course The Mill Operating Resource - 2: Mineral Recovery. Note that a paid EduMine subscription is required to access the detailed operation of a disc filter.

Disc Filter Manufacturers

For a list of disc filter manufacturers and new and used dealers check out InfoMine Buyer’s Guide

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