You could spend a lifetime reading the many Google hits on cyanide and mining: 836,000 of them. There are no doubt as many sites pro cyanide as there are sites against cyanide, mining, and the rest. The one with the nicest pictures is from Montana; you may not like the way they gloat that Montana is the only state in the nation to ban cyanide heap leaching—but the pictures are beautiful. Oh well, movie stars are probably better for the economy of the state than mining; has anybody ever compared the half life of mines, movies, and stardom? Has anybody every compared the income cost benefit ratio of mines, movies, and stardom?

Three sites where you will find reasonable objective information about cyanide:

· Wikipedia

· Dept. of Health and Human Services

· Cyanide compounds fact sheet

Additional sites that leave you feeling informed about cyanide (and not bombarded with propaganda) include:

· InBox Robot

· The mining news

Sites that oppose mining and cyanide, and/or cyanide use in mining, and/or anything that changes/alters/impacts the way things are include:

· State Environmental Resource Center

· Rainforest

· No to cyanide

I suspect that opposition to and support for cyanide in mining is somewhat out of fashion, for most of these sites have not been updated since 2004. Probably overtaken by opposition to diamond mining and the antics of Di Caprio floating around the wine farms of South Africa. Or maybe it is the rise of Blogs. No need anymore to mount and maintain a full-scale website. Just post a blog item or two a week. The fewer facts therein the better. And then move on to the next cause celebre.

Some questions, then for those with blogging instincts:

· Has opposition to cyanide and mining run out of steam, and if so why?

· What is the next mining-environmental?

Is there a movie script waiting to be written to do for cyanide what Mel Gibson does for the church and against Indians and what Di Caprio does for wine and against diamonds?