By Greg Fenrick

According to Ron Magill, the author of the EduMine course The Mill Operating Resource – 2: Mineral Recovery, the thickener is a very basic piece of machinery. It simply provides a holding area large enough to allow the concentrate time to settle to the bottom. Once it has settled, there are adjustable rakes that rotate and pull the solids to an exit point (Figures 1). With the solids settling to the bottom, the liquid, called the liquor, overflows into a launder. Depending upon how the thickener is being used, these two substances, the solids and liquor, will go their separate ways each being processed in accordance with the needs of the circuit.


Figure 1 - Courtesy of the EduMine course The Mill Operating Resource – 2: Mineral Recovery


Figure 2 - Courtesy of FLSmidth Minerals

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