I cannot but resist bringing your attention to the site for Sharpe Decisions Inc. On the topic of risk assessment this is what they say:

“Sharpe Decisions Executive Workshop voting software is used by Corporations, Management Consultants and Associations around the world for Risk Assessment and Control Self Assessment Workshops. Using Rating Scales, Risks are rated on Impact and Likelihood (Probability) based on the knowledge of the participants in the room. Voter X-Y plots can be called up to see the “gap” in the vote and to discuss any wide ranging opinions. Weighted Sums and Formulas can be entered to have any results calculated by Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying or Dividing any result against any other.

A “risk map” can be generated at the touch of a button with Heat Map colours, text, cross-hairs and labels added as required.

Instantly the group can see which Risks are the highest threats to the organization and Controls can be formulated. If the organization wants to repeat the workshop in a few months to see the progress of the Controls, the new data can be plotted on the third and fourth axes and through the use of “arrows” the path the Risk has taken can be shown.”

The history of the firm: In 1996 Sharpe Decisions Inc., was formed to develop and provide computer software and professional facilitation services for Group Decision Support. Their flagship software Sharpe DecisionsTM Executive Workshop has the features and functions necessary to use in any format where participants opinions or judgments are needed.