Grouting is difficult; but it will be much easier if you attend a course planned in Denver in April 2007. The course is for owners, engineers, and contractors who have to grout to limit settlement, increase strength, and/or decrease the permeability of soil and rock in civil and mining and environmental applications. The text book for the course is the 720-page Practical Handbook of Grouting by James Warner.

The website lists the speakers at the 2006 course and promises to list the 2007 speakers soon. This is a list of the best in the industry, so it is useful even if you cannot make it to the course. As always, it is much more fun and instructive to be in Denver in early May (I will be in Iowa to enjoy the spring on the farm) than to have to read a 720-page book in your study when the TV and brandy bottle beckon. And undoubtedly it is more fun to be instructed by such expert than to blunder on your own. Most of us will not, however be able to get to Denver or afford the fees, so the next best thing is to buy the book and go to the websites of the companies involved. I know that you will have to sift through much chaff, but the essence is there and with perseverance you can get it. It will probably cost more in the end than going to the course, but will your boss believe that?

Meanwhile you can always get a quick overview of the topic by taking a free look at what I post on InfoMine. No substitute I know, but immediate and cheap.