Unusual requests sometime find their way to my desk.  Sometimes I post them in accordance with the idea that doing so may help the sender and most importantly result in benefit to a reader of TechnoMine.  So here is one from India.  The topic is far from my area of expertise, so please contact the writer via his e-mail at the bottom of this piece.


Kindly be informed that I am a Consultant to the Inorganic Industry in India and specifically to the Phosphate sector. My expertise is focused on Phosphoric acid / Phosphates, Phosphate esters,  NPK, Solvent Extraction etc.,


My 20 years experience & research in this sector has led me to develop my own proprietary solvent extraction process for purification of green acid with a novel low cost reagent, again developed by me. Due to financial constraints both these technologies are lying unexploited and unpatented.


This reagent as a matter of fact can be used effectively by the metal extraction Industry for various other extraction processes of rare earths, uranium, gold, platinum, Nickel, Cadmium, Copper and so on. Even in all existing plants currently using DEHPA-TOPO combination or any other reagents for uranium extraction, this  reagent can be incorporated to reduce the economics of process.  Most fertilizer plants around the world could adopt this simple  technology for extraction of uranium from their daily green  acid and save substantially on their costs. Simultaneous post  precipitation problems of green acid shipments could be reduced  by more than 85% using this technology. Several new patents can be listed on all these developments.


Since the Indian market does not give me the right scope & space to promote this entire development, I am now looking for an international partner for a joint venture for this subject. 


My e-mail:  rds18@vsnl.net