One final triumph from the First International Oil Sands Tailings Conference:  a link to the presentation by Gord McKenna of BGC Engineering on Landscape Design for Oil Sands Tailings.

Gord is a PhD on the topic.  But more, he is by far the most accomplished presenter on the topic ever.  His slides are surpassingly good–more works of art than PowerPoint slides. He tackles the very difficult and contentious subject of reclaiming oil sands tailings impoundments.  He has many answers, none of them totally mainstream:  he calls for an increased multi-disciplinary approach and a time-phased patience. 

He is ahead of the ERCB and maybe even the industry—if you accept that he is not the industry but just a damn smart consultant to the industry.  He has reclaimed areas and to my knowledge is working hard to reclaim others.  Would that there were more presenters like him and more end products like those he envisages.

To every one of those negative critics of the oil sands, I urge you to look at what Gord McKenna has done, is doing, and what he proposes.