Exploration for mining in British Columbia, Canada, and indeed world-wide is the subject of Roundup, the long-running, and ever-more-successful conference held every January in Vancouver. 

The top Google-search blog report on Roundup is the announcement of the 2008 Award Winners.  They include:

  • Michael Savell is the recipient of the H.H. “Spud” Huestis Award for excellence in prospecting and mineral exploration. He has applied his dedication and geoscientific expertise to evaluate the exploration potential of the Mitchell zone on the Kerr Sulphurets property, potentially one of Canada’s largest gold deposits
  • Scott Broughton, John Mirko and David Skerlec are awarded the E.A. Scholz Award for excellence in mine development for successfully developing the MAX molybdenum mine for Roca Mines Ltd. in an environmentally and socially sensitive area. In 2007, the MAX Mine, south of Revelstoke, was the first new metal mine to open in B.C. in eight years. 
  • The 2008 Hugo Dummett Diamond Award is presented to the Shore Gold team of Ken MacNeill, George Read, Harvey Bay and Pieter Du Plessis for their leadership, consolidation, and coordination of the systematic evaluation of the very large and widespread Star-Orion South Diamond project in the Fort a la Corne diamond district in central Saskatchewan from a grassroots stage to an advanced exploration/development stage.  

The next few items on a Google Blog search of Roundup are related to general investment advice and the announcement that PR Associates is providing Public Relations and Communication services to the Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia (AME BC) the organizers of the event.  We are working with PR and much appreciate their offer to blog for this event.  Stay tuned for our perspectives on this meeting.

Next on the Google-search list are announcements for past Roundups.  The most telling and poignant are the item talking about the 2008 Roundup, including:

  • A 2008 announcement of new mineralized discoveries “that may attract new mineral exploration and encourage further investment in the mining sector.” 
  • A 2007 report that says “The combination of strong global demand for metals and minerals, the availability of good geoscience data and supportive government policies have put BC at the forefront of mineral exploration in Canada. Of the 52 mining projects in the permitting process across Canada today, 25 of them are in BC.”
  • The report on Roundup 2006 that reminds us: “The Roundup is a good reminder that Vancouver remains one of the single most important locations in the world when it comes to mineral exploration. The number of mining juniors with offices in Vancouver is in the hundreds and they explore every corner of the world. Mongolia, Turkey, Mali, Botswana, Greenland, Quebec, Australia and more and more and more.” 

Actually this is a good piece with much insight as to the fundamentals of the meeting.