Here is an announcement by VMS-Profound of new groundwater monitoring equipment:

VMS-Profound is pleased to announce that we can now also offer the patented BAT-Groundwater Monitoring System, which has been used in a large number of groundwater monitoring projects around the world for more than 20 years.
The complete system consists of a filter tip and a retrievable sensor.  The tip is pushed down into the soil to the desired depth using standard piping.  
Once the tip has reached the desired depth, the sensor is lowered through the pipe, and as soon as the sensor touches the filter tip, the measurements begin.

With this fully digital system you can:

  • measure the pore pressure accurately and efficiently
  • keep track of pressure fluctuations in the soil
  • determine the permeability of the soil
  • collect groundwater samples
  • download the results to a PC or have a direct read-out in the field
For more information you can visit the BAT website ( or contact our office.