The closest thing I’ve come to grout is a summer spent emptying bags of cement into a huge hopper, which was eventually transported to off shore North Sea oil rigs to be used by Halliburton on “cement jobs”. It was a dirty job, but for a teenager, easy money and a great way to stay in shape. Working with grout would have been much less dirty, even in confined spaces, if I had one of these, which is exactly what makes the ChemGrout CG-542 unique.

The ChemGrout CG-542 Series are skid-mounted grout plants specially designed for work in confined work areas often found in mining. The CG-542 is low profile, compact, and ideal for the grouting of rock bolts and cable stays. They feature two 84 litre mix tanks; a 38 litre holding hopper and progressing cavity pump to provide a continuous, non-stop pumping process. A unique feature of these mix tanks enables the tops to be removed for quick and easy clean up. Anytime clean up is made easier, gets my vote.


Once mixed, material passes through the large slide gates of the tank outlet valves into the holding hopper. This is equipped with an auger to keep material thoroughly mixed while waiting to advance to the pump suction housing. A positive displacement, progressing cavity, rotor-stator type pump then delivers the material to the application. Operator controls are centrally located for efficient production. All components are easily accessible for operating, cleaning and maintenance.

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