InfoMine has no Mine Sites about properties in Guyane (French Guiana). No matter; in the InfoMine library we have just posted an article from the December issue of International Mining in which John Chadwick reports in his usual detailed style on a private company and it mine: Auplata.

The part I enjoyed about this article is the story of the Juilland mining family which owns Goldplata Mining International Corp and hence all the way down through other holdings, the Guyane mine. I normally check the validity of magazines and articles like this one by surfing the web. There is surprisingly little about the family, the company, or the mine via Google. What little there is comes in French which I cannot understand. This absence of independent data makes John Chadwick’s article that much more unique and perhaps valuable as a source of information about people, mines, exploration, mining technologies, and engineering in a way out place. Take a look.