The pictures speak for themselves: a full range of material transport and dump trucks. All from the Hubei Huawei Special-Purpose Automobile Manufacturing Company in Suizhou, China. I have no idea how much they cost—but their phone numbers are on their website.

I reproduce my favorite—a great red vehicle.

Here is another: a Fecal-Suction Truck

It is refreshing to read their “Corporate Spirit” page. So new and different from the tired old local stuff. I quote (with some editing to facilitate reading):

  • Start a Business: Take a bankrupt state-owned business—give birth to a private capital company—get rid of the old ideas---establish brand new thinking---work hard—build the company through thrift—going a long way begins with a small, first step.
  • Innovate: Establish a new business venture—make a new departure—implement new principles—install new management—produce new products—seek change in the new and win from change.
  • Create a Brand: Accept that the brilliancy of previous products is history—remould a new HUAWEI brand—create a new image—shoulder the heavy responsibility of producing good new products.
  • Seek For Practice: Make everything practical—be down-to-earth—be honest and realistic—produce genuine goods at reasonable prices.
  • Seek Refinement: Be smart—simplify the organization—manage intelligently—produce good designs—have the right equipment—master the technical skills—strive for the best---produce an exquisite article.

Seek For Development: The first step is to start the business—accept that development is a process—success is a result—innovation brings vitality—development creates efficiency—efficiency yields benefits—benefits generate enthusiasm—development is an absolute need.