By Dan Oancea - Twitter

As the summer draws closer the high altitude snow pack melts away generating water inrushes that once again dig out and carry away alluvial gold flakes and nuggets.

That fuels our dreams as we mentally prepare for another prospecting / exploration season. In off season a hunter’s mind is haunted by pictures of his intended targets: deer, black bears or mountain goats. Gold fever is worse: the metal bug would crawl under your skin, it would penetrate your mind and make you shiver of excitement anytime you see another golden nugget.

To help you with the cravings check out this web site  that features a nice collection of Alaskan gold nuggets pictures. In Alaska it's not just the bears that  are big - gold nuggets are big as well.

Travel the old mining camps, enjoy the outdoors and stay safe – don’t forget to pack some bear medicine: a lever action big bore brush rifle or a 12 ga shotgun. History and tradition go well together - supplies, a map, a backpack, a pan and a lever action rifle that's all that you need. And check out the new regulations because in U.S. you might be able to carry a concealed firearm while travelling through Parks.

The Frontier is still there for those who know where to look for it.

Good luck.