By Jack Caldwell

“They produce the best quality stuff in the industry.” I would not know—and have no personal opinion about the quality of the product. This quote is from an old antagonist against whom I argue much, with whom I generally disagree, but whose opinion I always respect.

He expressed this opinion when I asked him if he had heard of Datamine. I confess I had not before I got an e-mail from James Newland reminding me of their products and asking me to add the company name to something I posted on TechnoMine.

InfoMine lists Suppliers and Consultants in extensive databases. In TechnoMine we try to keep you informed about existing, developing, and new mining-related technology. I am supposed to write stuff filled with scientific and engineering theories, equations, and problem solutions. Actually EduMine does a far better job at that than ever I could, so I stick to drawing your attention to technical papers and websites that make it possible for you to make technology work for you at your mine. Hence back to Datamine. Here is a list of their products and links to each:

I spent a happy hour or two browsing their site. No “deep” technology, no theories or equations, but plenty of information and three very short technical papers. This site epitomizes the issue (I don’t think it is a problem) of writing about mining related technology in an age when most technical intelligence is embedded in computer software too complex for the average engineer to delve into or master. Gone are the days when I was a student and we were forced to write the code ourselves to solve the complex engineering problems. We got a deep understanding of the problem—or so we believed. The young now tell me they get a better understanding because they are not bogged down in writing code, but instead can explore many scenarios and do sensitivity evaluations. I suspect it does not matter much how you build up a feel for the physical situation before exercising professional judgment. An old professor of mine used to say something to the effect: Do every calculation you can, get drunk, and then made your engineering decision. “Genius is ninety-nine percent perspiration and one percent inspiration.” It helps to have high quality software when you are perspiring. Datamine may well be your sauna, to mix and muddle a metaphor.