Canada has a long and exciting history of mineral exploration and mining. In 1946, a mining engineer by the name of Arnold Hoffman published a popular book called Free Gold: The Story of Canadian Mining. Hoffman told the successes of the industry until the end of World War II.

Now a new book has been published carrying on the history of Canadian mining since 1946. More Than Free Gold: Mineral Exploration in Canada Since World War II covers the major discoveries made over more than half a century, explains how the search for mineral is financed, and how science has taken exploration beyond the scope of the traditional prospector.

Discover how the health of the mining industry positively impacts national prosperity and the lives of all citizens. Become aware of the dangerous decline in mineral reserves and what must be done to ensure future successes in mineral exploration.

The author, Michael Barnes, has been a teacher, a correspondent for the Globe and Mail, and a CBC freelancer. He is the author of several books on the Canadian mining industry. Mr. Barnes is a member of the Order of Canada.

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