By Greg Fenrick

Not all underground trucks are made equally. This is particularly true when getting into those tight spots. This is the job of an ejector truck. So, what is an ejector truck? An ejector truck features a mechanism in its box that allows material to be spread and dumped on the go, without raising the body. You may have seen this used when spreading gravel during road construction.

For those tight haulage spots underground, DUX Machinery’s ET-33 ejector truck is one such specialized vehicle.

The DUX MODEL ET-33 ejector truck brings high capacity hauling capabilities to areas previously limited to scoop loaders and can effectively load and dump in headings as low as 10'-0" (3.05 meters).

As expected it has a ruggedly built DUX ejector box made from high tensile abrasion resistant alloy steel and a pusher plate arrangement activated by two fully protected, double acting telescopic hydraulic cylinders and a hydraulically operated swing down automatic tailgate. Some of the features that make it unique include:

  • High power to weight ratio assures fast tramming up steep ramps, which according to International Mining’s article titled “In it for the long haul” (December 2006 issue), the ET-33 can “climb a 15° (26%) ramp with full payload with ease at 5 km/h.”
  • Large sized, heavy-duty roller bearing for minimum maintenance, a smooth ride and four-wheel ground contact on uneven terrain.
  • Fully equipped FOPS/ROPS cab with sound suppression
  • Easy access to all service points.

Underground mining has unique challenges and DUX’s ET-33 addresses many of them. If you want more information on this topic, I would recommend reading International Mining’s article “In it for the long haul”.

If you’re looking for used underground equipment, check out DUX Machinery’s inventory.