By Jack Caldwell

Probably the most extraordinary website I have yet come across is Data Metallogenica on-line. I became aware of the site via an e-mail that read in part:

I am a former Mineral Deposits professor (University of Manitoba, Canada), presently living in Adelaide, Australia, where I have relocated seven years ago together with my lifetime collection of miniaturized rock/ore sets from more than 3000 ore deposits of the world. Since 1999, the collection and related global information has been developed for internet delivery as

This year (in May), the latest of my five major books on empirical field observation-related global metallogeny has been published by Springer International. Its title is "Giant Metallic Deposits; Future Sources of Industrial Metals".

More information about the site from the site:

Data Metallogenica on-line is a continuously expanding searchable database for global mineral deposits with over 40,000 image and text files containing:

This is truly the most extraordinary resource I have yet come across. I must recommend it.