Preventing human error can be the biggest contributor to the productivity, safety, and quality of any project. So many accidents (and close-calls) are caused by either errors in judgement, fatigue, lack of training and many other factors.

Identifying the errors and their causes is one thing. But how do you prevent them? A new easy to read book by a top expert in this field can help you. Ben Marguglio's Human Error Prevention "Bookinar" provides you with numerous specific "take-aways" that can be directly implemented to improve the effectiveness of your projects. He calls his book a Bookinar because it is a seminar in a print book, complete with PowerPoint slides and notes, as would be orally presented in a live seminar.

This Bookinar presents different levels of human error, causal factors of human error, behavioral models and classifications of human error, and barriers to human error. It also has many examples, exercises, and case studies.

About the author:

BW (Ben) Marguglio is a former adjunct professor at the graduate level. He has more than 50 years of experience with high technology enterprises, currently as a management and technical consultant and formerly as a corporate executive. He is the originator of the new and unique human error causal factor taxonomy, and presenter of the acclaimed "Human Error Prevention" Seminar. He is a Fellow of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and is certified by the ASQ as a Quality Engineer, Reliability Engineer, Quality Auditor, and Manager of Quality. He has written over 100 technical and management papers and presentations.

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