A well-produced brochure is more informative than a text book, and certainly more entertaining than most paper magazines stuffed with pale replications of marketing materials turned into fake-erudite articles.

This unprofound and provocative opinion is prompted by looking at the Senninger brochure Solution Mining Irrigation Products. Here are twenty-eight pages of well-illustrated information about the company, heap leach pad operation, irrigation equipment, design software, and technical tricks. I enjoyed perusing the brochure as much as I enjoyed those cut-away illustrations in library books from the Belle Plaine library on castles and ships and rockets.

The Pulitzer Prize for brochures/catalogues goes, in my opinion, to Outokumpu Technology. There are almost fifty superb brochures at this link. Topics range from Anode Casting through Flotation Technologies to Thickeners and Clarifiers. Each one is better and more informative than the last.