Soil grouting is the topic of a comprehensive new paper from BiTech Publishers and their premier magazine Geotechnical News. The paper is Soil Grouting – There’s Only One Way to View It. The premise of the paper is “permeation grouting is the way to get quality, control, and accountability.” This conclusion is based on the fact that “permeation grouting is the only kind of grouting for which design equations and relationships exist.” To back up this claim the paper includes long out-of-date and hard to access figures and tables that correlate standard soil properties with groutability. Moreover, the paper includes plenty of readable text and sound and solid information and guidance on planning a soil grouting program. I rather liked the one called the Rule of 3.5: “For permeation grouting, a maximum pumping rate near 3.5 gpm is reasonable and there will be a grout take of 3.5 gal/cu-ft of volume grouted.” Sorry, no metric measures given even though Geotechnical News is a Canadian publication.

The author of the paper is Dick Berry who edited the volume Grouts and Grouting: A Potpourri of Projects. This book and many more of grouting may be purchased at this link, namely the Geo Institute’s Grouting Committee Publications page.