By Greg Fenrick

My experience with pumps is limited, but I do know that their reliability in almost any industry is critical to keeping an operation running efficiently. In the oil industry, drilling would come to a stand still without pumps constantly circulating the drilling mud that retrieves the cuttings and keeps the drill bit cool. But what happens when the fluids being pumped are corrosive and abrasive, such as in acid mine drainage applications. This is where ITT Flygt’s 2700 range of corrosion-resistant pumps are ideally suited.

The pumps in the new 2700 range consist of both drainage and solids handling pumps. They are especially designed for pumping applications with a pH range of 2-10, this means environments where acid or alkaline liquids have to be handled.

The pump range consists of three drainage pumps and three solids handling pumps, all available for 50 or 60 Hz. “Ordinary submersible pumps are designed to be used in the pH range 5-8. Our new stainless steel pumps have been developed and successfully tested for pumping liquids, sludge and suspensions in extremely tough and demanding environments. The new 2700 pump range offers flexible and cost-effective dewatering solutions where, for example, cast iron or aluminium pumps could lead to limited life time because of corrosion, chemical attacks or low abrasion resistance,” says Michael Hjelm, Business Development Manager.

Specifically, distinguishing features of these pumps include:

  • Double mechanical shaft seals,
  • The outer housing is impact-resistant, suitable for tough environments.
  • A slim profile enables easier installation in confined spaces.
  • A ring-shaped handle gives good manoeuvrability during installation, and serves as a stand when the pump is inverted for service.

These submersible pumps certainly are impressive, and I encourage any one interested in this type of pump to also review other manufacturers with catalogs listed in InfoMine’s Buyer’s Guide.

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