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Geology of the Nimpkish-Telegraph Cove Area, Northern Vancouver Island (NTS 92L/07, 10)

G.T Nixon, M.C. Kleman, J.P. Larocque, D.B. Stevenson, L.A. Stokes, A. Pals, J. Styan, K.A. Johnston, M.J. Orchard, and C.A. McRoberts

Geoscience Map 2009-2

Geoscience Map 2009-2 (1:50 000) describes the bedrock geology of the Nimpkish-Telegraph Cove area of northern Vancouver Island (NTS 092L/7, 10). The map complements Geoscience Maps 2006-1 to -4 showing the geology of the Quatsino Sound area to the northwest and supercedes Open File Map 2006-5.

A Multi-Media Analysis of Stream Geochemistry on Vancouver Island, British Columbia: Implications for Mineral Exploration

R. Lett

Geofile 2008-8

This document reports the results of geochemical orientation studies on Vancouver Island.  Vancouver Island is ideal for testing new geochemical exploration methods because it not only has varied geology, numerous mineral occurrences and different styles of metallic mineralization, but has also contrasting local climates, different surficial environments and physiographies. There is a good potential for discovering new metallic mines on Vancouver Island because much of the geology that has formed through the evolution of island arc-related rock suites is a favourable host for a range of mineral deposit types including porphyry Cu-Mo, volcanic massive sulphides and skarn mineralization. In addition to present and past producing mines such as Myra Falls and Island Copper, numerous mineral occurrences have been found and are still being developed.

Upcoming Data Release

·       New till geochemical data and potential exploration targets 150 km west of Williams Lake. To be released in early October as Open File 2009-09.

Survey News

·       The BC Geological Survey will be hosting an Open House in Victoria on Friday, November 13th.  The themes for the day will be Exploration Concepts for Mineral Deposits in British Columbia and Recent Developments in BC Geology and Cordilleran Tectonics.  More details to follow.

·       JoAnne Nelson is the co-author on a recently published Geological Society of London paper:

      Colpron, C and Nelson, J.L. (2009):  A Palaeozoic Northwest Passage: incursion of Caledonian, Baltican and Siberian terranes into eastern Panthalassa, and the

          early evolution of the North American Cordillera; in Cawood, P. A. & Kroner, A. Editors, Earth Accretionary Systems in Space and Time, The Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 318, 273–307.

·       Graham Nixon is the co-author on a recently published paper in The Canadian Mineralogist:

      Scheel, J.E., Scoates, J.S. Nixon, G.T. (2009): Chromian spinel in the Turnagain Alaskan-type ultramafic intrusion, northern British Columbia, Canada; The

      Canadian Mineralogist, volume 47, pages 63-80.


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