How do you address Acid Mine Drainage? I surveyed the state-of-the-art as discussed at the ICARD conference in St Louis (abstracts of papers are now available on–line) but did not come across the solutions offered by BioteQ Environmental Technologies. Let me now rectify that.

Their website provides a comprehensive overview of their technologies. Applications include the Caribou Mine in New Brunswick, the Company, the Raglan Mine in Quebec and the Bisbee Mine in Arizona.

BioteQ is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX-V) with the symbol "BQE". Information for potential investors is readily available in their annual reports. They paint a picture of a company and an industry that is booming.

As Time would have it all news is made by individuals not by some mysterious process. So here are potted biographies of the fellows who are making this happen:

  • Brad Marchant is a specialist in mineral processing and biohydrometallugy research, development and operations.
  • Richard Lawrence is a specialist in acid rock drainage, biohydrometallurgy, mining environmental management, and mine water treatment.
  • David Kratochvil is a chemical engineer, specializing in biotechnology and water treatment.
  • John York is a Chartered Accountant who served as Vice-President of finance for junior listed companies, including Zamora Gold and Battlefield Minerals Corp.