Speed up approval of your assessment reports and save printing and mailing costs by submitting digital assessment reports.

We all benefit from submitting digital assessment reports by:

·       generating reports that are of a higher quality;

·       reducing the impact on the environment (less paper, no shipping);

·       saving government costs (storage, scanning and processing);

Over the longer term:

·       this will improve the data posted to the internet for your future use; and

·       allow more data to be captured.

For all these reasons the BC Geological Survey Branch requests all clients submit assessment reports in digital form (PDF).  This will likely become a requirement in future years. 

Key contact:

Allan Wilcox

Senior Mineral Geoscientist

(250) 952-0390



Most provincial geoscience data can be easily accessed over the internet in map format at:

www.MapPlace.ca and through various thematic pages at www.empr.gov.bc.ca/Mining/Geoscience 

Printed BC Geological Survey geoscience publications are available from Crown Publications Inc.

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Email: crown@pinc.com   Website: www.crownpub.bc.ca/

Questions or to update your contact info please contact Tania Demchuk:

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