At long last the announcement of a welcome event. Here is what is in the e-mail from Jonathan Engels, now in Perth.

Thank you for your past interest in TailPro, the online resource designed to assist tailings related engineers. I am pleased to announce that I have now been granted permission to distribute free public access. The login details are as follows:

Username: public
Password: supernatant

Please be aware that this is Version 1.0 of TailPro and additional pages will be added/changed as people contribute/discuss information currently online. Please also consider that every tailings facility is unique and best practices discussed in TailPro can create adverse affects to some tailings facilities. As this is a 100% free resource, all I ask in return is for feedback on TailPro to allow me to improve the system, making it more useful to the tailings industry.

Please feel free to distribute the username and password to select individuals within the mining industry. I recommend that the user guide (blue circle icon with a question mark) be browsed through first to allow you to get a feel for how TailPro operates. I hope you find TailPro useful.

Kind regards, Jon Engels

I spent hours browsing the site. It is magnificent. A new way of accessing data. I am hassling the InfoMine folk to allow me to develop something similar for all the technologies we cover on TechnoMine. Of course I must not forget Jon got a PhD for doing this one. All I can hope for is a salary for the rest. Sorry if we do not emulate this great example any time soon.