Open File 2009-10

Open File 2009-10 presents a 1:50 000-scale bedrock geology map of the Quesnel River area (NTS 93B/16), encompassing and extending southeast of Quesnel, British Columbia and adjoining Open File 2008-06. It presents the results of new mapping, geochronological dating  and compilation of private industry research that provides new insight into the geologic and metallogenic evolution of this largely overburden covered portion of the Quesnel  terrane.

The analytical portion of this assessment was supported by the Geological Survey of Canada (Natural Resources Canada) through the Mountain Pine Beetle Program.

Geology of Saltspring Island

Open File 2009-11

Open File 2009-11 is a map of the Geology of Saltspring Island and an accompanying document of descriptions and comments meant to enhance the 1:25,000 scale map.  The accompanying notes contain photographs of key outcrops and representative lithologies, including their UTM grid locations.  The notes also contain brief summary descriptions of lithologies and structures and a list of pertinent references.

This Open File may find use in land-use planning, water resources, tourist interest and establishing the place of Saltspring Island in BC geology.

The map and notes have been compiled by Hugh Greenwood, Professor Emeritus, Department of Geological Sciences, the University of British Columbia.

Upcoming Data Releases

·       Till geochemistry in the Chisholm Lake area

·       Industrial Minerals Review


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