By Dan Oancea


“In dangerous and remote areas, such as polar regions, volcanic islands, and expansive deserts, remote-controlled unmanned aircraft can provide more detailed, more timely data about the status of natural resources and environmental conditions than would be feasible by any other means.  That is why  the U.S. Geological Survey - long known as an authoritative source of aerial photography and satellite-based imagery - today announced that it is establishing a new program for earth observation using Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).”


Intelligence gathered by drones on war theatres is beneficial for all of us. And when I say all of us it really means ALL (i.e. friends or foes) not only US – funny things happen so read about how a $26 off-the-shelf piece of software allowed the insurgents to hack into Pentagon’s million dollars drones.


Now on a more serious tone a relevant USGS report could be found here: An Overview of the USGS Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Project Office.