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Non-metallic minerals other than coal: Industrial minerals, gemstones and aggregate in British Columbia, Canada

G.J. Simandl

Paper 2009-2

Non-metallic minerals other than coal are an increasingly significant component of international trade. British Columbia is strategically located on the west coast of North America and has well-developed infrastructure in the southern, more populated third of the Province, including several deep-water ports, and a well-maintained highway system. Rail links British Columbia's industrial centres to terminal points across the continent. The Province has attractive energy costs and untapped mineral resources.

The main industrial minerals other than coal produced in British Columbia are magnesite, limestone, gypsum, sulphur (derived as a byproduct from oil and gas processing), construction aggregate, crushed rock, silica, dimension stone and white calcium carbonate. In lesser quantities, jade (nephrite), magnetite, dolomite, barite, volcanic cinder, pumice, flagstone, clay, tufa, bentonite, Fuller’s earth and zeolites are also produced. 

Regional to property-scale drift prospecting surveys in British Columbia

T. Ferbey

Geofile 2010-05

Presented here is a geographically referenced list of drift prospecting surveys that have been conducted in British Columbia.  A list of topical studies and special volumes that are relevant to drift prospecting in British Columbia have also been included.  These studies and geochemical data will be of interest to explorationists and researchers who are assessing the effectiveness of drift prospecting surveys in the context of their own exploration or research program, who are preparing to design and implement their own survey, or who have generated geochemical data on drift samples and are looking for data from orientation surveys for comparison.

This map and list of references is intended to provide a way of quickly identifying drift prospecting studies and data that are either geographically or topically of interest to those working in British Columbia.  Any omission in the reference list or on the map should be brought to the attention of the compiler.  This publication will be updated on an annual basis.

British Columbia Geological Survey Open House Talks

D.V. Lefebure, J.Fredericks, S. Rowins, L. Jones, R. Lett, F. Ferri, P. Schiarizza

Open File 2009-12

Open File 2009-12 contains a selection of six talks presented at the British Columbia Geological Survey Open House on November 13th, 2009.

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·       Paper 2010-1: Geological Fieldwork 2009

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·       Open File 2010-02: Communities Benefitting from BC Mineral Exploration Activity in 2009

·       Geofile 2010-01: Boundary Project: Geochronology and geochemistry of Jurassic and Eocene Intrusions, Southern British Columbia

·       Geofile 2010-03: Vermiculite in British Columbia

·       Geofile 2010-04: Nonsulphides in the Cariboo Area

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