Georgius Agricola, in 1556 in De Re Metallica writes:

The earth does not conceal and remove from our eyes those things which are useful and necessary to mankind, but on the contrary …she yields in large abundance from her bounty and brings into the light of day the herbs, vegetables, grains and fruits, and the trees. The minerals on the other hand she buries far beneath in the depth of the ground; therefore they should not be sought. But they are dug out by wicked men who, as the poets say, are the products of the Iron Ages.

…Fields are devastated by mining operations…And when the woods and groves are felled, then are exterminated the beasts and birds….Further, when the ores are washed, the water which has been used poisons the brooks and stream, and wither destroys the fish or drives them away…This it is said, it is clear to al that there is greater detriment from mining than the value of the metals which the mining produces.

I seem to have read much the same in many a recent news release and website.