By Jack Caldwell

I recently came across a book which I probably won’t read unless they send me a free copy to review. It is called Sustainable Development and Mining in Sierra Leone and is described thus:

“Based on a PhD thesis, with a focus on Sierra Leone, this book explores the conflicts between pursuing mining activities to foster economic development and protecting the environment in which such activities take place. This study presents sustainable development as valuable recipe, by which mining ventures could be pursued as an economic imperative (to meet the needs of present and future generations), while protecting the environment and its components in the pursuit of such developments. Priscilla Schwartz highlights the conflicts between activities to foster economic development and protecting the environment and recommends the policies needed to tackle the issues raised in this well-researched book.”

The author, Priscilla Schwart of the University of Leicester School of Law, has a pretty distinguished career:

“Priscilla’s areas of expertise are in law and development, international economic law, environmental law and policy and in fields of sustainable development. She teaches on the LLM programme and is Convenorof the courses in International Law and Development, Law and Organisation of the World Trading System and Contemporary Legal Problems of World Trade.

Prior to her joining Leicester in 2007, Priscilla taught at Queen Mary, University of London. Priscilla also worked as legal counsel to the government of Sierra Leone (GOSL) and was the special assistant to the Attorney General and Minister of Justice between 1996 and 2002. She represented GOSL on several domestic and international negotiations including with the World Bank and the United Nations. She was instrumental in the setting up of the UN Special Court for Sierra Leone, and participated in the drafting of its Statute and Agreements. She also initiated projects for the development of the rule of law and coordinated their implementation.”

Enjoy if this topic interests you.