By Dan Oancea


You gotta read this short paper if:

- You want to understand the aquifers as you plan in advance and you want to be ready for the ‘climate change’ process that the earth is going through;

- You live in a small mountainous community or in the rich and affluent Vancouver and you want to understand how pollution is going to influence your source of potable water;

- You plan an underground precious metals or open pit copper or coal mine up in the mountains and you need to understand how these aquifers are going to influence your future mining operation;

- You are a simple prospector and you want to start a mom & pop gold or platinum placer operation on one of those unnamed creeks missed by the 19th century gold rushers and you need some permits in place.

Read the Understanding the types of aquifers in the Canadian Cordillera hydrogeologic region to better manage and protect groundwater paper.