Grout terminology is as specialized a language as any dialect or in-group-speak. Luckily for us the terminology is readily available at this link. My advice is to peruse it before undertaking any activity involving grouting. For the list is more than a dictionary—it is almost a primer on the technology and I learnt a lot just reading the individual items. For example here is one:

“Consolidation grouting: In rock, consolidation grouting consists of the injection of cement-based grout for the purpose of strengthening the rock mass by filling open structures and thus eliminating a source of settlement. Incidental to this main purpose, consolidation grouting may also serve to reduce the uplift potential beneath concrete dams by reducing the permeability. Generally done by drilling and grouting shallow holes on a grid pattern in the foundation area of concrete dams but may include “off-pattern” holes to treat selected geologic defects such as fracture of shear zones. The term is commonly and improperly used as a synonym for blanket grouting.”

This list of terms was published in civil engineering forums (to whom we are grateful for permission to link to it). I cannot help but wonder though if the terminology is different in the mining world. If you know, let me know.

My own experiences with grouting were many years ago in South Africa working for French company directing African workers. We used none of these terms, but communicated in an arcane Creole mix of French and Zulu and Afrikaans sprinkled with English swear words. Now I wish I had compiled a dictionary for that language, now probably passed into the mists of dead tongues.