Open File 2010-03: Geology of Porcher Island and northern Grenville Channel, northwestern British Columbia

Geology of Porcher Island and northern Grenville Channel, northwestern British Columbia, (parts of NTS 103G/15,16; H/13; J/1 and J/2)

by Nelson, J., Mahoney, B., Gehrels, G. and van Staal, C.

Open File 2010-03

GSC Open File 6624

This open file covers 1:50,000 scale mapping conducted in 2009 on Porcher Island and adjacent islands, and the mainland coast on the eastern side of Grenville Channel. The area is underlain mostly by rocks of the southern Alexander terrane, intruded by a suite of mid-Cretaceous plutons. The Alexander terrane is a large composite crustal fragment that underlies part of the St. Elias Range on the Yukon-Alaskan border, and most of southeastern Alaska. It is of considerable exploration interest because of the volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits that it hosts, including Niblack and others on southern Prince of Wales Island just north of the BC-Alaska border, as well as a trend of Triassic deposits, notably Windy Craggy and the Greens Creek mine. The project is part of the Edges project of the national GEM program and is being delivered jointly with the Geological Survey of Canada.

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