MaxGeoNews May 2010

Fortescue Metals Group was formed in 2003 and since then has experienced phenomenal growth to become one of the world largest producers of iron ore.
Due to the rapid rate of growth in their Western Australian operations, in 2006 FMG made the decision to purchase LeaseControl to manage their tenements and stay on top of their increasing lease management.

Going from a basic method of spread sheets and calendar reminders, FMG saw the difference LeaseControl made immediately and decided to use it in conjunction with other methods of managing their tenements. Acquisition and Tenure Officer Vicki Hadfield said as the company grew, so did its reliance on LeaseControl.

Our job every day is to open up LeaseControl. That’s the first thing we do, we check what actions are due.” she said.

As well as a number of FMG staff checking LeaseControl daily, the company gets monthly reports from independent tenement managers, which they cross-check against LeaseControl to make sure all the actions are in the database.

Vicki said the company has discovered new things about the software since it has been installed, but said its main function is still to keep staff up to date with upcoming tenements and anniversaries.

The most important thing that it does for us would be the reminders and the expiries. If we didn’t have that it would be far more difficult to manage our tenements.” she said.

FMG also make use of the actions and query builder, and export their data to Microsoft Excel for comparisons with other databases.

According to Vicki, the staff at FMG have found the product very straight forward and have been happy with the support offered by Maxwell.

It’s quite a user friendly product…I’m training someone at the moment and she’s picking it up really quickly. Overall, LeaseControl is fantastic.” she said.