MaxGeoNews  May 2010

Maxwell GeoServices is pleased to announce the released of our specialised coal database. The Maxwell Coal Data Schema (CDS) was developed in conjunction with coal producers and our own coal industry specialist after we recognised the need for a coal database to assist the growing number of small to mid-tier coal and geothermal energy explorers and producers.
The CDS incorporates Maxwell’s depth of knowledge in data management with coal industry specific needs.

Features of the coal database include:

  • capture of seam data and seam history
  • core photo viewing and linking with lithology, assay data etc
  • gas sample data capture
  • geotech point load test data capture
  • radiometrics data capture

The database also includes the features of Maxwell’s standard
data schema such as:

  • data validation using libraries and database constraints
  • user defined data import and export layouts
  • customised Striplog creation and reporting
  • simple user interface
  • grid conversion management
  • seamless connectivity to other software
  • sample tracking from field to laboratory to database
  • contract and financial reconciliation for drilling and assay

Users can team the database with Maxwell’s' LAS file importer and real time Depth Adjuster tool to create a seamless Coal Data Management System for exploration and resource work.

For more information on the Maxwell Coal Data Schema, please contact Maxwell's sales team.