Miller Thomson LLP was the only law firm at ROUNDUP 07 in Vancouver, BC in January 2007. They were surrounded by a plethora of drilling companies, helicopter providers, digital map makers, environmental consultants, and the geology departments of every province and region of Canada. They stood out so I stopped to talk. The chocolates were good, and the orange pen looks nice on my desk. I took away and have read these brochures/flyers by staff of Miller Thomson - they will reward you with clear information if these are the topics you need information about:

Here are the Miller Thomson practice areas in mining taken from their website:

  • Domestic and international acquisitions and divestitures
  • Public and private financing
  • Option, joint venture, exploration and royalty agreements
  • Stock exchange listings
  • Environmental issues
  • Aboriginal issues
  • Tax structuring and flow-through share financing
  • Resolution of tax disputes
  • Litigation support