·       Geoscience Map 2010-04: Geology of the Area South and West of Princeton, British Columbia

·       Geofile 2010-11: Table of British Columbia Coal Resources

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Geology of the Area South and West of Princeton, British Columbia (parts of NTS 92H/01, 02, 07, 08 and 10), 1:50 000-scale

Mapping and compilation by N.W.D. Massey, J.M.S. Vineham and S.L. Oliver

Geoscience Map 2010-04

The map covers an area centred about 15 km to the southwest of Princeton.  The map area stretches from the Copper Mountain and Wolfe Creek area southwest to East Gate and the boundary of Manning Park and northwest to the Tulameen River. 

The map area lies at the western edge of Quesnellia and includes some of the southernmost exposures of the late Triassic Nicola Group.  To the east of the Boundary Fault, rocks of the Nicola group are assigned to the “Eastern Belt” (Preto 1979; Mortimer 1987).  Interbedded black argillites, grey siltstones and sandstones are overlain by volcanic and volcaniclastic rocks of the Wolfe Creek Formation, which display an alkalic affinity.  They host the important porphyry and skarn deposits of the Copper Mountain area (Preto, 1972). 

Table of British Columbia Coal Resources

B. Northcote

Geofile 2010-11

Geofile 2010-11 presents a table of approximately 100 of British Columbia’s published coal resource estimates, publicly available as of early 2010. Sources are mainly British Columbia Coal Assessment Reports and other documents made public by exploration and mining companies, such as technical reports, annual reports or project descriptions filed for environmental assessment purposes. Please refer to the Coal Table introductory document (part of this Geofile) before using the table.

Other recent releases

Three new Geotours have been released jointly with the Geological Survey of Canada.

1.      East Kootenay Geotour (Geofile 2010-07 / GSC Open File 6477)

2.      Hazeltons Geotour (Geofile 2010-09 / GSC Open File 5560)

3.      Prince George Geotour (Geofile 2010-10 / GSC Open File 5559)

Survey News

·       Searching for BCGS publications just got easier! Check out the new search option, accessed from the home page or publications catalogue page of the website.

·       Larry Diakow will be leading a fieldtrip in the southern Nechako Plateau area on June 28-29, 2010.

·       Nick Massey, Senior Project Geologist, will be retiring at the end of June.


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