Rift TD is a sophisticated digital terrain model specifically developed for modeling tailings dams and associated infrastructure, including embankments and ponds.

Rift TD allows the rapid assessment of various deposition scenarios and their impact on ponds, and the generation of staged earth-fill or time-staged cyclone embankment construction.

The software's capabilities include point, upstream, downstream and centerline deposition. Features include:

  • Stand alone - Rift TD is not dependent on other software.
  • Non-linear beach profiles.
  • Cyclone deposition (Upstream, Downstream and Centreline Embankment).
  • Tailings flow.
  • Multiple material definitions.
  • Multiple deposition point and/or deposition line definitions.
  • Automatic or manual deposition - following model set-up, generating an elevation capacity curve is as easy as clicking a button.
  • Pond volume elevation curve generation.
  • Three D Viewing.
  • DTM functionality.