Bradbury and Associates’ MPM4 system contains all the aspects that you need to track any size equipment fleet. MPM4©(E) has an interface between the maintenance and production tracking modules for true time rates such as tons per hour, tons per shift, cost per hour or cost per ton. The EMS system includes: Availability and Utilization, Component life tracking and forecasting, Fuel and Oil tracking, Automated Service Scheduler, Inventory Management, Breakdown analysis by downtime category and detailed production delay tracking. This program is fully network capable and will allow you to tie all your operations back to the corporate headquarters for “Global Viewing” of all your operations.

The Fleet Management Software is designed for the customer that is only interested in repair and maintenance tracking. This “maintenance only” system contains all the features of the EMS system with the exception of the production tracking module. This system allows updates daily or weekly and is driven by hour meters, days, or odometers. MPM4© (T) comes with the KomTrax satellite interface for updating hour meters automatically.

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