Longwall Visual Analysis (LVA) is a 3D longwall monitoring program designed to help maintain a high level of safety and production. It monitors the pressures of a longwall and compares these against other cycles and data. LVA is designed by an expert in process engineering, mathematical analysis and algorithims, ensuring a high level of data validity and accuracy. Each installation can be configured to suit each unique setup, style or method. Capabilities include:

  • Real time shield monitoring, analysis, and alarms.
  • Multiple panels per mine.
  • Data is read from files written by the monitoring PLC, and processed data are saved to simple text databases for easy access by other applications.
  • Automatically analyse the data and save results for TWAP, cycle times, yield/set statistics, and periodic weighting.
  • Fast configurable 3D plots as visual aids to longwall status
    o Current or historical pressure readings over any time period.
    o Show shearer position and direction
    o Generation of grid plot data files to display TWAP, set pressure, average pressure as 3D function across the panel and lengthways down the gate road. Includes data processing options such as smoothing.
    o 3D plots can be zoomed and scrolled, and overlaid onto mine maps supplied in DXF format. Optional 3D view or Plan view.
    o Display specific data for support pointed to by the Mouse
    o Images can be copied to clipboard for pasting into other applications, or saved as bitmap files. Create animated movies scrolling through time or space.
  • Fast configurable 2D plots
    o Current pressure readings
    o Alarms & warnings, current and historical
    o Trending of multiple parameters against time or face position, eg TWAP, set pressure, maximum pressure, shearer position and face position.
  • All features are user-configurable, with comprehensive on-line help files.
  • Password log-in system for access to configuration settings.
  • Weighting analyses over multiple panels, color-coded according to severity, can be overlayed onto mine maps.
  • Configurable processing of current and historical raw data using agreed algorithms for cycle detection and weighting analyses based on peak weighting intervals.
  • Data analysis algorithms are transparent and agreed to by clients (in confidence). Algorithms can be updated as and when necessary.

For more information contact David Hoyer, LVA Pty Ltd., PO Box 174, Pennant Hills, NSW, 2120 Australia. Phone 0409 569036. Fax: 02 98751811. E-Mail: dave.hoyer@lva.com.au Web: www.lva.com.au