MineGeo software provides real time mine geology mapping and includes a MineGeotechnical module. The ability to display all or selected classes of lithology data and features means that you improve your ability to better understand the geometry that controls your orebody and hence make better decisions to minimize dilution, improve grades and improve the bottom line. Features include:

  • Geology mapping, once captured, is fully exploited allowing better models to be made in less time, which results in better interpretations and improved mining economics.
  • Display flexibility; Individual classes of features e.g. faults, ore boundaries, veins, etc can be displayed in isolation or in combination with themselves or block models, sample and drilling data. Wall mapping can be separated from (or viewed with) face mapping and backs mapping as required. "Click-on" ability - you can click on a string or polygon and see attached attribute information such as strike/dip.
  • Data honors true 3D space; all viewing orientations of mapping are correct and the mapping can be cut or viewed in any orientation. The ability to view multiple map surfaces at once over multiple development levels or areas makes visualization and understanding of the geology much more straightforward. Images or photographs add value but only in specific views and need to be oriented correctly to avoid costly mistakes. If samples are taken, or other point data recorded, they can be automatically captured without resorting to tedious and time-consuming manual data entry.
  • Data portability; mapping can be e-mailed or accessed via networks so that management, head office, consultants, and other technical staff can view the entire dataset with no paper having to be found or change hands.
  • Data security; All mapping is backed up and held in a secure electronic format. If the paper maps are destroyed or deteriorate (for example in a fire) no information is lost.

For more information contact: Cad Cam Solutions Australia Pty. Ltd., P.O. Box 1042 Subiaco, PERTH, Western Australia 6904 AUSTRALIA Fax: +61 8 9285 1112 : Phone: +61 8 9285 1110 Web: http://www.minegeo.com/