Dr. Richard Shepard, President of Applied Ecosystem Services, Inc. has been asked by the US Department of the Interior's Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to speak at their National Minerals Workshop in Sparks, NV, on March 21, 2007. Dr. Shepard is one of two consultants invited to speak to the agency's national staff and management, and the only one with an individual lecture session. He will present a modern paradigm on "Environmental Decision Making and Risk Management," that enables regulatory agencies to improve the quality and speed of environmental permitting decisions.

The modern paradigm of environmental permitting provides agency managers with objective criteria on which to base their decisions. The approach produces results that are technically sound, legally defensible, timely, and cost effective. The last factor is important as agency budgets are trimmed and staff asked to do more with less time and resources available to them. Of equal importance, the modern paradigm increases the quality of the environmental impact assessment while fully complying with all existing laws and regulations.

In addition to providing clients and regulators with an approach that accelerates environmental permitting, Applied Ecosystem Services, Inc. provides its Mineral Property Suitability Advisor(TM) and PermitWatch(TM) permit compliance monitoring system, both custom tuned to each client's specific needs and management strategy.