Edited by G.J. Simandl and D.V. Lefebure

Open File 2010-10:  http://www.empr.gov.bc.ca/Mining/Geoscience/PublicationsCatalogue/OpenFiles/2010/Pages/2010-10.aspx

The International Workshop on the Geology of Rare Metals was held at the Harbour Towers Hotel in Victoria, Canada on November 9-10, 2010. It was organized by the British Columbia Geological Survey in collaboration with the Geological Survey of Canada’s Targeted Geoscience Initiative 4 and the Pacific Section of the Geological Association of Canada.
The Workshop focused on various aspects of rare earth elements (lanthanides, Y and Sc) and other rare metals (mainly Nb, Ta, Li, Be, Zr, Hf). The program consisted of 26 oral presentations and 6 poster displays. Extended abstracts are included in this volume for all the technical presentations. They are arranged in order that they were presented.

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