Here are several articles on mine water management:

A Guide to the Management of Tailings Facilities, Second Edition (Mining Association of Canada - 2011)

Salt, stupid (Mining Journal - August 2011)

Mine the Gap: Connecting Water Risks and Disclosure in the

Mining Sector (World Resources Institute - September 2010)

Water Management (Terry Mudder - 2010)

Mine Water Management in Modern African Mining Operations (October 2009)

Best Practice Guideline H1: Integrated Mine Water Management (South Africa Department of Water Affairs and Forestry - December 2008)

Water Management Handbook (Australian Government, Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism - May 2008)

Best Practice Guideline G2: Water and Salt Balances (South Africa Department of Water Affairs and Forestry - August 2006)

Developing an Operation, Maintenance and Surveillance Manual for Tailings and Water Management Facilities (Mining Association of Canada - 2003)

Water Management - Best Practice Environmental Management in Mining (Environment Australia - 1999)