More useful news from a mining contractor. But first two quick confessions: (1) I had not previously known of them until (2) they chose to advertise on TechnoMine. Struck me they must be prudent if they chose us. So let’s look into them a little more.

You can get snippets of information from their website. Started in 1962 in Canada, now world-wide. Specialties include: Shaft construction. Mine development. Contract Mining. Narrow vein mining. Raiseboring.

The Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal has a neat article based on an interview with the Redpath Vice President David Hansman.

Another journal interview gives a little on the history of the company:

Jim Redpath is our founder – his father worked for a mining company, so he grew up in the mining industry. During university he spent his summers working with a mining contractor and continued working with them after he graduated from McGill University. Jim developed a good relationship with the owner of the contracting firm and used him as a consultant when he went to start his own company in 1962. Jim put together a small team of people to start The Redpath Group. It was humble beginnings but it led to bigger things. The company's first major project was on the Creighton No. 9 shaft at Inco, which is one of North America's largest shaft excavations and remains one of the deepest circular concrete shafts in North America.

I cannot confirm if this 1929 report of a response to a mine accident refers to the father:

While this effort was being made to reach the bottom of the shaft from the manway, Jim Redpath and Walter Pugh went as far down the shaft as they could in the steel bucket and finding obstructions, were compelled to saw and crop their way through. Finally the men in the bucket reached the bottom of the shaft and talked to the eight men who were waiting to be brought out of the mine. They were bent over the manway, which by this time had been cleared, and when word reached the people gathered about, that these men were coming to the top and to safety through the manway, the center of interest and curiosity soon shifted to the fan house where a space had been roped off to protect workmen and the men coming to safety, from being pushed by the curious throngs, pressing the ropes.

An example of their projects is the La Comorra Mine, Venezuela, namely construction of a new shaft including rock support by thin membrane spray-on.

And that is all I could find.