Groundwater data management software designed to meet data quality and reporting needs

WATERLOO, Canada - Schlumberger Water Services (SWS) today announced the release of Diver-Office Premium* v.2011.1 comprehensive groundwater monitoring software.

Diver-Office Premium is a data management, analysis and reporting tool designed for groundwater monitoring data. Based on SQL Server database technology, Diver-Office Premium is ideal for medium-sized monitoring networks and projects that require multi-user collaboration. Monitoring data can be shared securely over a network and accessed by all team members and stakeholders in a project.

The built-in QA/QC dashboard ensures that data are free of errors and that it meets known quality acceptance standards. Powerful reporting capabilities enable the quick generation of time series plots and reports for effective communication and presentation of your monitoring data.

Diver-Office Premium capabilities include:

  • Diver Data - The embedded version of Diver-Office allows the programming of Diver dataloggers, start/stop Divers and download Diver data to a database.
  • Time series visualization - Plot time series data using the fully flexible plotting module.
  • Monitoring Well Data Management - Create, modify, and display X, Y location data, borehole lithology and well construction details.
  • Expanded Data Options - Capture a full range of environmental variables affecting groundwater recharge including precipitation, evaporation, and discharge data. Store manual measurements for comparison with Diver time series.
  • QA/QC and Statistics - Apply essential QA/QC checks to raw data, identify and correct data anomalies and gain confidence in your data assessments.
  • Reporting Automation - Quickly create reports that incorporate logo and company details, site photos, well completion and lithology profiles. Create personalized reports of time series data.
  • Data Flexibility - Export location profiles to an image file, export time-series data to MS ExcelTM, import location data from MS ExcelTM/AccessTM.

Visit to download a 30-day trial version.

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