New publications: Information Circular 2011-01 and Information Circular 2011-02

BCGS Information Circular 2011-01: British Columbia Mines and Mineral Exploration Overview 2010

K. Hancock, B. Northcote, D. Grieve, B. Madu and P. Wojdak

British Columbia’s coal and mineral resources are strategically located to be a significant asset for the international mining industry, particularly as a supplier for North American and Asian markets. The province has well-defined potential for a wide variety of minerals and deposit types. The geoscience database is extensive and easily accessed and the provincial government is committed to aggressively improving that data and encouraging new developments. With attractive energy costs, a well developed, all-weather highway system, rail links and a number of deep-water ports, British Columbia has the infrastructure to cost-effectively get coal, minerals and resulting products to markets.

BCGS Information Circular 2011-02: Rare Metals in British Columbia

A. Johal, B. Northcote and K. Hancock

Thisbrochure briefly describesrare metaldeposits in British Columbia,including theAley, Upper Fir, Wicheeda, Carbo, MountCopeland and Mount Bissondeposits. It has a location map of selectedrare metaldeposits.

The MINFILE database lists over90 rare metal occurrences hosted by carbonatites, nepheline syenites, rare element enriched pegmatites, skarns, massive sulphide deposits, sedimentary phosphate deposits and placer deposits. In approximately 25 of these occurrences, rare metals are considered the primary commodities. The recent surge in interest has added a number of new occurrences. To date, only a handful of prospects are developed beyond very early stage exploration.

Note: The BCGS Open File 2011-1: Operating Mines and Selected Major Exploration Projects in BC 2010 has been updated and is available for download online.


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