BCGS Geoscience Map 2011-1: Geology, Geochronology, Lithogeochemistry and Metamorphism of the Holberg-Winter Harbour Area, Northern Vancouver Island (Parts of NTS 092L/05,12,13; 102I/08,09&16)

G.T. Nixon, J.L. Hammack, V.M. Koyanagi, L.D. Snyder, G.J. Payie, A. Panteleyev, N.W.D. Massey, J.V. Hamilton, A.J. Orr, R.M. Friedman, D.A. Archibald, J.W. Haggart, M.J. Orchard, E.T. Tozer, H.W. Tipper, T.P. Poulton, J. Palfy and F. Cordey

Geoscience Map 2011-1 (1:50 000-scale), the first in a series of five new geological maps for northern Vancouver Island, describes the geology, geochronology, lithogeochemistry and metamorphism of the Holberg-Winter Harbour area (parts of NTS 092L/05, 12, 13; 102I/08, 09 and 16). The map area is underlain by a folded and faulted sequence of Late Triassic to Middle Jurassic volcanic and sedimentary rocks of the Vancouver and Bonanza groups intruded by granitoids of the Early to Middle Jurassic Island Plutonic Suite. The deformed Triassic-Jurassic rocks are unconformably overlain by Cretaceous marine clastics and cut locally by Tertiary minor intrusions. Middle Jurassic intrusions of the Island Plutonic Suite (e.g., Hushamu Creek and Goodspeed River plutons) are spatially and genetically associated with important calc-alkaline Cu-Au-Mo porphyry-style mineralization similar to the deposit at the former Island Copper mine, as well as coeval high-sulphidation base- and precious-metal epithermal prospects in the Pemberton Hills – Mount McIntosh area. A major northwesterly-trending structure along Holberg-Rupert inlets, the Holberg Fault, separates the well-mineralized Middle Jurassic intrusions and broadly coeval Holberg volcanic unit of the Bonanza Group from their Early Jurassic counterparts to the west. Regional metamorphism is generally characterized by very low grade mineral assemblages (prehnite-pumpellyite to zeolite facies) except in the vicinity of faults and intrusive contacts where the rocks reach upper greenschist to amphibolite grade.


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